Every Bitmi pad is ready to use right out of the box. Just plug it to any free USB port on a computer, open your DAW and in MIDI devices you should check for Bitmi to appear as a connected device. Load your VSTi or samples (Ableton, EZdrummer, Addictive Drums, etc), and you are ready to play.

Note: Each pad is set to MIDI number 38 as the default note. MIDI Channel is set to 10 as default also.

You can change the output MIDI note with the  -/+ buttons. Every time you unplugged the USB cable, the MIDI note will be 38 again.

There is no need to change the sensitivity value, but if you wish to do it you can do it easily. On the back of the unit, you’ll find a little white screw, clockwise will be a higher setting, counterclockwise will be lower one. You will need any 1/8″(3mm) flat-headed screwdriver.

In order to mount the pad on a cymbal stand, first remove the wingnut and cymbal felt from the stand. Then screw the locking nut all the way down.

 Screw the pad clockwise with a few turns, unscrew the locking nut until it touches the pad, secure firmly.



How many zones does Bitmi have? One.

Do I need a driver? No, Bitmi is class compliant and no drivers are needed.

How many Bitmi pads can a computer or iOS device host ? As many as available USB ports you have. You can also use a powered USB hub to increase your inputs.

Can I plug Bitmi to a trigger input on a drum module? No, Bitmi has it’s own drum module inside that sends MIDI data with velocity thru the USB port to a computer or iOS device.

Can I use Bitmi with my iPhone or iPad? Yes you can. You have to buy a Lightning to USB Adapter from Apple. Be sure it’s not a chinese knock-off, they only work for a minutes or so.

Where is Bitmi made? Bitmi parts are made individually by our business partners here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then sent to our shop for final inspection and assembly. This job is made by hand taking care of every detail in the process.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, Bitmi ships worldwide, please check our shipping page.

Can you alter Customs fees? We utilize an automated shipping system which enters accurate item information on every package. Shipments outside Argentina may incur customs fees, duties, and/or taxes upon arrival. We have no advance knowledge of such fees, cannot manipulate the values, and cannot pay potential fees for you.

What payment method you accept? We use Paypal and Payoneer.




· All prices are listed in USD ($)

· Orders ship worldwide from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Stock Policy

Bitmi is available in 3 different colors, black is always in stock and ready to ship. Red and green are special ordered so allow one week of delay before shipping.    

Order Process

Bitmi normally ship within 1 business day, Monday through Friday. You will be notified of any delays if your shipment is unable to depart within 2 business days.

Order status is indicated by two automated e-mails. You will receive an ‘Order Confirmation’ email immediatelly, followed later by a ‘Shipment Notification’ email containing tracking information. All messages are sent to the e-mail address you provide during checkout. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not received any messages from us.

Changing an Order

Unshipped orders may be changed by contacting us. Because most orders ship within a few hours on weekdays, changes are not always possible.

Cancelling an Order
· In Stock Orders: Unshipped orders of in stock items may be cancelled by contacting us.

Address Corrections
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General Information
· Please contact us if you have any problem with your product. We will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.
· Refunds or exchanges must be requested within 15 days of shipment delivery.
· Items for exchange or refund must be in like new condition and include all original accessories.
· Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and safe arrival of items.
· Most returns are processed within 1-2 business days of arrival.


Please contact us if you believe your product requires warranty service. If an issue cannot be resolved by troubleshooting, we will contact you in order to repair or replace your unit.

Every Bitmi drum pad is inspected twice prior to final packaging. We check fit and function of every button, jack, cables, etc.
Warranty period begins upon arrival of your product:

· Each pad is fully guaranteed against parts and electronic manufacturing defects for 2 years from original purchase date. Accidental damages and out-of-warranty pads may be repaired at the discretion of our technicians. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses to Bitmi headquarters.


For any questions, please sent me your message. Thank you.