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Dear Customers

Due to the global economic crisis it’s not possible for me and my suppliers to maintain the production and quality with the same price after 5 years. The current price will remain fixed until December 31st. giving you the opportunity to buy an awesome handmade christmas gift at a lower price. Thanks for understanding and let’s continue creating music with Bitmi.

All the best,
Diego Leroux.

Bitmi is an
electronic drum
pad and a MIDI
interface all in
one unit.

Plug and play

Mount On Any 8mm Cymbal Stand.

Sensibility Control. Engraved Serial Number.

Soft Padded Bag. Locking Nut.
6 ft USB Cable.

Lay down your MIDI tracks faster than ever

If you are planning to start e-drumming, Bitmi is the easiest and fastest way. No tweaks, no menus, not even a user manual to read ! Just plug it in your computer or any iOS device (Apple Camera Connection Kit required), load your VSTi of choice or preferred mobile app and…


Practice your rudiments anywhere





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